Tropical Storm Incoming 


Hurricane Nicole Path

As Tropical storm Nicole neared the coast of South Carolina, multiple South Carolina School Districts (including Lexington Richland 5) announced plans to close school on Friday and resort to e-learning. According to The Weather Channel, major to moderate coastal flooding will be possible for the state. 

After students returned to school on Monday, they said what they did on Friday. “I worked out and walked a hike,” said Hunter Majka, a sophomore at Chapin. After finishing his assignments Yeager Hill-Liles reportedly “worked the night shift at Sonic.”

Chapin Senior Addison Brizek states,“I got a text from my mom that the power went out at my house in Timberlake around 11:40 am but it was back on within the next 20-30 minutes”.

Nicole formed east of the Bahamas a week ago and was expected to become a powerful hurricane by Florida’s top meteorologists. While not a category 4 hurricane like Hurricane Ian, the storm did become a category 1, which has caused major power outages, erosion, and destruction. According to Remy Tumin of the New York Times: “As the storm continues to eat away at Florida’s coastline, several houses in Wilbur-By-The-Sea, an unincorporated community in the Daytona Beach area, have collapsed into the sea and “a few more are imminent.”

According to Heather Carter Fredireck, a teacher at Dunbar High School, Fort Myers, the effects of the storm are tamer at the southern end of Florida. She says that her area is just getting rain.

Meanwhile in the eastern part of Florida, residents are suffering from major flooding, power outages, and erosion.