Chapin Strong


On November 9th a terrible accident happened in Chapin. There were three girls that were involved in the car accident: Aleigh Tisdale, Sophia Zarzuela, and Gracen Derrick. All these girls are juniors at Chapin High School. The Chapin community is very heart broken from this accident and has been trying many different methods to help the students and the families. The community started to raise money, started prayer circles in local churches, signed cards to deliver to the girls after recovery, and started helping with meals for the families.

“So far they all seem to be doing so good,” said Reagan Krell, a junior, whose cousin is Gracen. Krell is also friends with Aleigh and Sophia. “I have been once to the hospital, but I have Face Timed, Gracen. She is doing a lot better.”

The Go Fund Me for the girls started off with having a goal of $400 to help with the medical bills, after only a few days on November 11th the Go Fund Me raised $1,150. The fund is now up to $3,834 and increasing the goal to $16,000. The community will continue to raise as much money as they can to help these families with medical bills and any other needs.

Chapin United Methodist Church started a prayer circle  Sunday, November 10th, with prayers for the girls as they go through their recoveries.

Hayden Williams, a junior went to a prayer circle at Chapin United Methodist. “We all got in small groups and prayed for about 30 minutes straight,” Williams said. “Each person went around the circle and said what they wanted to say. After the small groups, we all got together and prayed in a big group,” said Williams. “We all cried.”

Chapin High School would like for Aleigh, Sophia, and Gracen to know that we are thinking about them, so on November 11th during lunch, the student body signed cards for all three girls.

The student body and community of Chapin will continue to help and support these families through their hardships.