Student Government Elections


Election posters for Friday’s SGA Elections.

Elections for Chapin’s class presidents were announced and the results were Gavin McMillion as Sophomore Class President, McCullough Dawsey as Junior Class President and James Wells as Senior Class President.  

When asked about their reason for running, James Wells said, “I want to help the school the best I can and being in power gives me more leeway to. I want to keep Chapin on an exponential increase and have no setbacks. I want to keep the family atmosphere and keep the student involvement as high as it has been in the past to make people want to be here.”  

Both Giovanni Macaluso and James Wells ran unopposed.  “I ran because I wanted to be the one to lead the school and I love Chapin with all my heart,” said Giovanni.  One of Giovanni’s goals next year is to have a meme day for spirit week.

McCullough Dawsey said as Junior class president she hopes to “accomplish a great Prom for next year. Also, I want to keep up the level of spirit and enthusiasm that Chapin High School is known for.” McCullough also said she originally wanted to run for President because “I have been apart of Student Government for 2 years as class Vice President, and I wanted to run for a bigger position. I thought Junior Year would be a good time to step up so I could have to opportunity to plan Prom.”