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Soul Surfer makes waves

Soul Surfer makes waves

Soul Surfer Makes Waves

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The new movie, Soul Surfer, based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, has been described by critics as “truly heartwarming and inspirational.” It relates the dramatic events of the young girl who made national headlines in 2003 after she survived a vicious shark attack.

Hamilton was enjoying an above average surfing career when tragedy struck on the Halloween morning.  A tiger shark attacked the unsuspecting Hamilton practically severing her left arm in the assault.  Eventually, doctors would have to remove the arm and it looked like Hamilton’s surfing days were over…but that wouldn’t make for much of a movie.  Hamilton is determined to surf again and eventually earns a national title.

“She’s a great role model.  She’s passionate about her sport and she doesn’t give up even though she lost an arm,” said Freshman Bethany Hermelin.

Annasophia Robb plays Hamilton and does a spectacular job creating a tough but emotionally accessible young woman struggling with what has happened.

I saw the movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I also read the book in eighth grade for summer reading, and after seeing the movie, I think it did a good job portraying the characters and events.  The fact that Soul Surfer is rated PG limits the amount of violence and intense subject matter. The scene where Bethany actually lost her arm wasn’t as graphic as the book. 

Another thing I really liked were the surfing scenes.  They were spectacular.  I thought it was amazing how the digital advancements made it look as though Annasophia Robb’s arm was really missing. 

All in all, the movie was great, and I would rate it a four out of five stars.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes heartfelt, inspirational movies.

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