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Chapin High School’s Favorite Candy

Dominic Cataline

As Halloween comes around the corner, students at Chapin High School are looking for one thing: Candy! 

With the approach of Halloween, stores start to set out the big variety bags of candy. Hundreds of pieces per bag, all for trick-or-treaters to enjoy. Candy is essential to Halloween. It’s the reward for kids all across the country, and even some parts of the world. But all this talk on candy makes you think. What is the most popular candy? What’s the most hated candy? What’s the best chocolate? We decided to test this by sending out a survey to students around Chapin High School. 

To celebrate the festive occasion, we sent out a poll to see which treats our students enjoy most. From more than half of the students who replied there was an overwhelming win for chocolate as their favorite candy.  Though the favorite candy season was Halloween, people’s favorite seasonal flavor was mint–which is relevant towards Christmas.

When asked about their favorite type of candy, 57.7% claimed chocolate as their favorite type of candy. Tied for second place are gummies and sour candy which 11% of people chose. Finally, in third place, we have hard candy, which 4.4% of students chose.

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It seems that the most popular type of candy is chocolate. Hershey’s, Reese’s, KitKats, Twix, and even Cadbury during the Easter season. But we already know that chocolate is the favorite, but what kind of chocolate is? Milk chocolate, the standard of chocolate, had the most votes. This chocolate is an almost perfect balance of sweet and that bitter cocoa powder. Milk Chocolate was followed by Dark Chocolate. While white chocolate, was the least favorite by a landslide. 

 In our results, 68.9% of students chose milk chocolate, 4.4% chose white chocolate, and 26.7% chose dark chocolate.

Between the two superpowers in the candy world, it looks like chocolate takes the lead for most liked candy. People really do love their Twix, KitKats, Hershey’s, Recess, Snickers and all of the favorite chocolate bars and pieces. And the fruity flavors of Jolly Ranchers, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts, and Gobstoppers are what most people decide to settle for.

What do people think about the fruity candies? The 3 most popular fruit flavors were Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Grape.

Ironically, the flavor with the most votes is the only one that is not a real fruit, Blue Raspberry took the top spot. 37.8% of the students chose Blue Raspberry, 22.2% of students chose Strawberry, and 11.1% of students chose Grape. Both watermelon and lemon tied but rounding out the bottom each with one vote were: Green apple,  mango, lemon-lime, and vanilla. 

When it comes down to Halloween, the biggest event for people is trick or treating. Interesting enough, who knew that high schoolers still go trick or treating? Over half of the responses showed that people still love to go out and see the spooky decorations that are accompanied by the sweet trophies that await them.

To end our poll we asked our students if they were going trick or treating. The results were pretty split as 55.6% of students said yes they are going, while 44.4% of students said no they aren’t. Whether you’re going trick or treating or not, Chapin High wishes everyone a Happy Halloween.

If you want to take our poll and add your thoughts click here:  Candy Poll!!


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Dominic Cataline, Reporter Section Editor
My name is Dominic Cataline and I am a Junior at Chapin High School. I enjoy reading and writing and this is my third year in journalism and my second year as a staff reporter. I have 3 dogs who I love very much, as well as two siblings, who I don't love nearly as much. I'm originally from Michigan and moved here 2 years ago.

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