2023 NFL Playoffs

After a long football season, the 2023 NFL playoffs are starting January 15th and the top teams are ready to face off against each other. The top 16 teams are all in a bracket and finally prepared to make their final push towards the Super Bowl. There are 14 teams in the Wild Card Round this weekend, and the top team in each conference gets a bye week. The two one seeds this season are the Eagles, and the Chiefs. These are our Predictions for Wild Card Weekend. 

Saturday January 14, 2023

#7 Seattle Seahawks @ #2 San Francisco 49ers at 4:25

Our team thinks that the 49ers will defeat the Seahawks by a score of 31-14. We are picking the 49ers because ever since the 49ers made a blockbuster trade for star Running Back Christian McCaffrey they haven’t lost a game. 


#5 Los Angeles Chargers @ #4 Jacksonville Jaguars at 8:25

Our team thinks that the Jacksonville Jaguars will defeat the Los Angeles Chargers by a score of 20-14. We believe that Jacksonville will win because the Chargers are battling multiple injuries. Additionally, we think that former Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence will lead the Jags to a playoff victory. 


Sunday January 15, 2023


#7 Miami Dolphins @ #2 Buffalo Bills at 1:00

Our team feels that the Buffalo Bills will win by a score of 35-7. We feel this way because the Bills are one of the best teams in the league, and the Dolphins are suffering from multiple injuries. Star Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa is out with a concussion. Moreover, the Bills are playing with extra motivation due to the Damar Hamlin incident.


#6 New York Giants @ #3 Minnesota Vikings at 4:25

Our team feels that the Minnesota Vikings are going to get a home win against the Giants by a score of 27-24. The Vikings are a team that wins a lot of close games. They defeated the 2 seeded Bills on the last play of the game in November. They also came back from 33 down against the Colts in December. 


#6 Baltimore Ravens @ #3 Cincinnati Bengals at 8:15

Our team feels that the Bengals will get the victory over the Ravens by a score of 31-20. The Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is out with a sprained knee. The Bengals have one of the best receiving corps in the league, and a good young QB in Joe Burrow. They are the former AFC Champions and are looking to avenge their Super Bowl loss from a year ago. 


Monday January 16, 2023


#5 Dallas Cowboys @ #4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at 8:15

Our team thinks that the Buccaneers can pull off an upset against the 12-5 Cowboys because they have Tom Brady. Brady is the greatest QB of all time, and someone you never want to bet against in the playoffs.