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Books or Movies?

Some of the best rated fan-favorite movies are based on books. Is this because book fans support the movie make of their favorite stories, or are these movies themselves that good that anyone would watch them?

One movie that has recently come out that’s based on a book is “Love, Simon.” The movie is based on the book about a teenage boy’s story of blackmail, friendships, and love, all surrounding his sexuality. Bailey Grey, a senior at Chapin High School, has read the book and seen the movie, and states that, “The book gives deeper detail about Simon’s emotions throughout the story, which I love,” Grey said. “If I had to pick, I’d say I liked the movie better, because it brought one of my favorite books to life and spread its popularity to a larger audience,” he added.

“A Wrinkle In Time” is another book-based movie that came out earlier this year. Courtney Cannon, another Chapin High senior, re-read the book prior to the movie release to grasp a whole opinion in comparing the two. “The movie made the book seem more like a kids book, like it was directed more towards a younger audience. I liked the movie, but the book was more mature and engaging,” said Cannon.

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