Is High School Really Preparing You For Life?

Jordan is taking the "Pulse" of Chapin High

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The argument has been made that the expulsion of “life prep” classes, such as Home Economics,  is detrimental to the preparation of students out of high school.

The counter argument say that those types of life skills should be taught at home. People also  claim that some of the material being taught in schools now are useless or redundant and irrelevant to the education of high school students.

Senior Jason Fanelli, said, “I feel partially unprepared and therefore anxious about the future because the lack of basic education I’ve learned about essential life tasks, such as filing taxes.”

When today’s high school student’s parents were in school, classes were more practically focused around what was essential for getting a job and being successful in society. Nowadays, academics are more complex and focused around detailed curriculum and work ethic that will prepare students for further education.

So which is more important? Should schools be teaching students how to change the oil in their car or how to do calculus?

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