How Do Seniors Feel About “Inspirational” Yearbook Quotes?

Jordan is taking the "Pulse" of Chapin High

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This year at Chapin High School there’s a new rule where the senior yearbook quotes are required to be “inspirational.”

This new rule has caused some controversy among the student body as some students feel that they no longer have the choice to be funny, original or make personal statements.

The administrators at Chapin High School made the decision because in the past, students have gotten away with some suggestive quotes. Senior, Austin Settles, said, “I think we should be able to use any quote we want, because one thing may mean something to someone, that might seem silly to everyone else.”

I think that seniors should have the freedom to use the quotes that are special to them, even if they are not particularly inspirational, because life isn’t always easy and high school is a perfect example of young adults facing challenging aspects of their lives.

Only using inspirational quotes would gloss over everything else that someone may associate with high school.  Forcing the students to use only inspirational quotes could make everyone sound the same way and could actually alter how a student may feel when he or she looks back on as their takeaway from their years in high school.

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