Does Christmas begin before, or after Thanksgiving?


Does Christmas begin before, or after Thanksgiving? This is a frequent debate amongst many people. It seems that as soon as Halloween ends, Christmas begins. Many people will begin decorating their yards with inflatables and lights, buying trees, and decorating the trees with assorted ornaments. However, there is another group of people who cannot stand this tradition. This group of people feels that you cannot overlook Thanksgiving as a Holiday, and that until Thanksgiving is over, you cannot celebrate Christmas.

Well, to determine the more popular thought, a poll was conducted at Chapin High School. The question asked: “Does Christmas start before, or after Thanksgiving?” Out of 38 total responses, 28 believe that Christmas begins AFTER Thanksgiving whereas 10 believe it begins before.

So, although people will begin Christmas festivities early, the majority of people will be waiting until after the large feast at the end of November.