New Teacher Profile: Katie Manning

New administrator Katie Manning joins Chapin High School as the new Vice Principal! We interviewed vice principal, Katie Manning at Chapin High School on December 1st, 2022. Mrs. Manning graduated from Stanford in Birmingham Alabama, as an undergraduate. 

Before becoming an administrator, Mrs. Manning was a teacher for 19 years. Needing a new challenge, she became an administrator. She has now been in this position for 2 1/2 years. She was previously an administrator at Irmo High before moving to Chapin. 

Next, we asked Mrs. Manning what her favorite thing about Chapin High school was. She stated that “The traditions at Chapin High are something that will always be special to me.” Mrs. Manning’s loves being the new Vice Principal because there always seems to be a new experience every day and she loves the relationships she can make with the students here at Chapin High.

When asked her about what makes the staff here so special here at Chapin High School, Mrs. Manning stated thar “The staff here are like your own personal cheerleaders because they will always support you and cheer you on.”