Chapin Swift Fans React to the Eras Tour


Sara Kate Hess’s photo shows the crowd during a performance in Nashville.

Chapin students anticipating Taylor Swift’s the Eras Tour finally got a chance to see the award winning singer perform.

Students and some faculty got a chance to see Swift perform when her tour came close to South Carolina in cities such as Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. Some students even got to see Swift perform in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Below are some of their impressions of Swift’s performance.

Sarah Kate Hess, junior at Chapin saw Swift perform in Nashville. “I went to The Eras Tour with my mom and stepdad. When I began the process of getting tickets it was very nerve racking and I wasn’t sure if I wanted them that bad. I spent about 9 hours on Ticketmaster in total, starting from 10 am to 7 pm. Once I actually got the tickets it all seemed unreal but I was very grateful and excited that I had actually got tickets.” The best part about the show was when she first came on and talked about her music and the ups and downs she has had especially during quarantine. my favorite set of songs were ones from folklore and evermore like “Marjorie,”  “my tears ricochet”, and “tolerate it.” The concert was definitely worth the time and money I spent to get the tickets. I was beyond impressed by the concert, it was very well organized, her dancers were phenomenal, and had a good setlist of songs. It has definitely lived up to the hype and would have loved to have gone to another show.” 

Connor McGrath, junior, “I went with my whole family and my little sister’s friend Ava.  Originally, I was terrified that I wasn’t going to get tickets. Once I finally got them I felt so much relief, but also a little guilty for how expensive 6 tickets were. I saw the night one Atlanta show, but I would love to see another if I was given the chance.  The best part of the concert was definitely the setlist. She managed to play 44 songs in 3 hours while keeping it so captivating, fun, and entertaining. I didn’t even realize 3 hours had passed by the time the concert was over.  My favorite set of songs was the folklore set and the reputation set. The folklore set was just so beautiful and the performance was so pretty, it was like watching a fairy dance around on stage. However, the hype for the reputation set was insane. The performances were so fun and so hype. The performance was so impressive, I swear she did at least ten outfit changes. It was so theatrical, I’ve never been to a concert before that even comes close to the theatrics and dancing that was done at the “Eras Tour. The concert definitely lived up to the hype. So much so that I’m having a hard time getting over the show. The show was packed with so much excitement and I think the performance really lived up to the hype. If I could change anything, I would take some songs out of maybe the folklore, evermore, and midnights set to make some room for songs from Speak Now and her self titled album Taylor Swift.

Reagan O’Mara, sophomore“I went with my family. I went with my sisters, Riley and Reese, my mom, aunt and cousin, Lauren.  I originally didn’t know I was getting tickets, they were Christmas presents from my mom. I was super excited when my mom surprised me with them. I only saw the show on April 28 in Atlanta but I would love to go see another one!  My favorite part of the concert was when she first walked out on the stage for the reputation era because it’s my favorite era and I think it has the best songs. I think her entrance for Reputation was the best one. 

My favorite sets were the Reputation set and the 1989 set. Both of them were very high energy and loud. The performances and dances were amazing. I was very impressed by all of the performances. I feel like all the dancers did an amazing job.  I would definitely say it lived up to the hype. all of the songs she played were some of her best songs, although I wish she would’ve played some other songs, I’m happy with the selection and what she did.”

 Diane Schiferl, Spanish teacher at Chapin saw Taylor Swift in Atlanta

My sister flew from Chicago, so it was mainly just the two of us. We ran into a few students and teachers there.

I bought tickets to TS Loverfest (only 4 concerts total) but she canceled because of Covid.  I THOUGHT I would be first in line for tickets for this tour, the ERAS tour.  I got a pre-sale code, but the day the tickets went on sale I sat in the “waiting room” for hours!  I didn’t get tickets that day, although I heard about students getting them very quickly and easily that day.  Those students had not previously purchased tickets for Loverfest (that was) very disappointing.

After all of the complaints, TS figured some things out. I was chosen for the second round …. only 2 tickets available per person, and I just entered a price point, they chose my seats!  I only saw her the first night in Atlanta.  I don’t have plans to see her again–I have seen her twice on previous tours!

The best part was just HER! She dances and sings so well, and her show is a visual masterpiece! My favorite set of songs were those from the Reputation time period.  She nailed them! (I was) Super impressed with her – 3 plus hours of non-stop performing.  Great stamina! It definitely exceeded what I expected.  I am a fan of hers, but my sister is the Super Fan, and I got the tickets for her retirement gift.

Thoughts on the Eras Tour  by Savannah Smith, Special Correspondent 

The Eras Tour by Taylor Swift is an incredible tour filled with love, light, dancing, and amazing vocals. Taylor really put her all into it.

What I liked about the concert is that it always kept me on my toes and there was never a second I was bored. Taylor is a powerhouse and has amazing vocals. Her high notes and the way that she interacted with the crowd felt like an out-of-body, once in a lifetime, experience. Another thing I liked was even if you’re not a fan and go you will still have fun and have an enjoyable  experience.

I have compared The Eras Tour to many different concerts and I don’t  see anyone else performing 44 songs and for 3 hours with no breaks. It’s incredible how much control and power she has because of that.

I would recommend to anyone that wants to have fun and sing and dance the night way.