Chapin Half Marathon Tradition Continues


L Latham

Dr. Latham and Ms. Graham and the students take a photo at the finish line of the half marathon.

Recently a group of 10 Chapin High School seniors completed a half marathon. 

This tradition began in 2015 with Laurie Latham, a Science teacher at Chapin High School.

 “At the time this all started I was already running 5 K’s and I wanted to run a half marathon. I used to do the mud run and would ask my anatomy students if they wanted to do that. Eventually, Mrs. Billie Williams and I made it into this big event to run a half marathon with a group of seniors who wanted to run. I just wanted to be more involved with the students and fitness definitely provided me with an avenue to do so.”

 Mrs. Latham says that her favorite part of the run is the group of kids. She said, “My favorite part is the group. This most recent group was the easiest group. They always sent me their post run selfies and seeing those were a highlight of this whole process. We had 10 runners and 7 of them had never run a half marathon. Being a part of that is really fun.” When Senior, Tyler Strenk was asked about how the marathon benefited him he said “I became a better athlete, and it helped me increase my endurance and speed. Mentally it toughened my mind and helped me learn what my true limits are”. Senior, Patrick Dunn agrees with what Strenk says about the training benefiting you physically and mentally. He says that the most difficult part was the practice runs as they aren’t the most fun. However, he says that all of it was worth it. “Having good cardio is a very convenient thing to have and it builds a solid foundation as far as fitness goes”.

When asked about advice she would give to upcoming seniors contemplating running she stated, “If this old lady can do it, then some of you 17- and 18-year-olds can do it too”.