Ms. Kimberlin crowned Chapin High School Teacher of the Year

Ms. Kimberlin’s Teacher Cadet Class that found out she won Teacher of the Year alongside her.

Ms. Spain

Ms. Kimberlin’s Teacher Cadet Class that found out she won Teacher of the Year alongside her.

On February 1st, Chapin High’s faculty and staff were asked to join a schoolwide Google Meet where Principal Michael Ames was seen standing in the middle of the school explaining how he would be walking to the locations of both the teacher and support staff employees of the year in a live reveal as to who the winners would be. 

Eagerness and anticipation overpowered many as Mr. Ames began heading towards the front of the school and eventually walked into the office of the attendance clerk, Mrs. Janice Bryan to grant her the title of 2022-2023 Support Employee of the Year. 

Mr. Ames was sure to express his immense gratitude held for Mrs. Bryan as a result of her dedication towards her work, despite a high amount of stress and confusion added to her position as a product of COVID contact tracing. 

After Mrs. Bryan was granted her award, Mr. Ames began his walk to the soon-to-be Teacher of the Year’s classroom.

After a quick and dramatic walk, Mr. Ames revealed himself to be at the door of Ms. Sara Kimberlin’s classroom crowning her teacher of the year. Ms. Kimberlin was recognized for her dedication to the English Department in terms of challenging students to expand their mental horizons daily as well as for her work in being responsible for Chapin High School’s Teacher Cadet program. 

The 2022-2023 Chapin High School Teacher of the Year (Ms. Kimberlin) & Support Staff Employee of the Year (Ms. Bryan) (Photo provided by Ms. Spain)

When asked about their opinion regarding Ms Kimberlin, positive responses were given across the board. 

“Ms. Kimberlin is one of the most caring teachers I know. She takes the time to get to know her students, and is always there to help them succeed in high school and beyond,” said senior Wesley Black.   

“Ms. Kimberlin is one of those special people that you will look back on later in life and be so appreciative of having them impact your life. She cares about her students in ways far beyond their academic status and she would do anything to help them achieve their goals and ambitions,” said senior Mary Reynolds.  

Duke Molinaro, said, “There’s no other teacher that has held me and all of her other students to a higher standard and that is why she was the perfect teacher to receive this award.” 

Will Forrester, said, “Ms. Kimberlin is always there for her students, She is able to make all of her students feel cared for and pushes them to do the best that they can. She wants to help us be successful in and out of the classroom.” 

“Ms. Kimberlin saved my life,“ senior Brianna Garcia said. ”She always encourages and motivates her students to improve their work ethic and achieve anything that you put your mind to,” Garcia said. “She is the result of determination and success. I could not have asked for a better and more inspirational teacher.” 

After speaking with a variety of students, Ms. Kimberlin was interviewed for her to express her thoughts and gratitude associated with earning the award. Ms. Kimberlin said, “I was surprised when I received the award. I had nothing prepared for it which serves as the indicator suggesting that I was pleasantly surprised.” 

Ms. Kimberlin was also asked to provide advice for others who have hopes of winning the award of Teacher of the Year in the future. Ms. Kimberlin said, “Hang on. So many people quit teaching. Find positive people to surround yourself with. Also find supportive department members, specifically those who build you up instead of attempting to tear you down”. 

Overall, it is evident that both Ms. Bryan and Ms. Kimberlin contribute to the overall environment of Chapin High School in a positive and effective manner that makes both of them deserving of their awards. 

Contributor: Carolann Derrick