No “Silent Night” as Musical Arts Make Joyful Noise for Concerts

As winter break approaches, students are gearing up for exams. But students in the arts department are doing a little more. Along with performing during the Winter Giving Assembly, band, orchestra, and chorus all have concerts before winter break begins on December 19th.

The band is the first to perform on the 7th of December at 7:00 pm in the CHS Arena. The band will be performing “Ukrainian Bell Carol”, “Stille Nacht”, “A Christmas Fantasy”, “Joy Revisited”, “The Night Before Christmas”, “In the Shining of the Stars”, and “Lux Aurumque.”

“I think we are all very ready for the concert and I’m very excited,” said Kolby Taylor, a sophomore.

Cameron McMahan, a junior, said, “I think the concert will go well. I think people will like the songs. They’re interesting and I enjoy playing them.”

For the senior band members, the Christmas concert starts the end of their four long, but rewarding years in the band. “I’m sad this is my last year in the band because it’s the best thing I’ve ever been able to participate in,” said senior, Riley Berger. “Band is one big family.”


Orchestra is the next to perform. After the Winter Giving Assembly, they will be performing on the 13th of December at 6:30 pm in the CHS cafeteria. The whole orchestra collectively will be playing “I’ll be home for Christmas”, “Faith Noel”, and “March Of The Kings/Hark the Herald Angels Sings”. All of these pieces were accompanied by electric versions of the traditional instruments, along with a piano, and an electric guitar.

Mr. Lynn has previously stated that he chooses certain songs for this concert based on the fact that the electric instruments can be utilized to make the music more entertaining with different sound effects. “I usually choose pieces that will be fun for the orchestra students to play but also be fun for the audience to listen to,” he said.

When asked how she felt about the upcoming performance, sophomore Sierra Dandridge said, “I think we will perform great.  We have been practicing very hard and the music is very fun, but I might just be biased.” Junior Ashley Noller agreed with this sentiment, “It will be great and that we’re prepared. We know all the music, and we practice every day in class and run through the music a lot.”


Chorus is performing on December 14th at 7:30 pm at Chapin Presbyterian Church. All of the Chorus classes are performing the “Alma Mater”, “The National Anthem”, “Not One Sparrow”, “May You Go Forth”, “Glow”, “Land of Crystal Dreams”, “Lux Aurumque”, and “Ding Dong.” Additional songs, such as “The Call”,”At the Round” “If Ye Love Me”, and “Velvet Shoes” will be performed by just one of the classes.

“I chose the songs because of the venue, the time of year, what patrons of the concert will enjoy, and what students need to master. If students need to learn a fast song, for example, there is one in the concert,” said Choir Director Mr. Shumate.

“I feel alright about the choir concert. I am mostly prepared, but I could be more though. I’m having so many emotions about it, as it’s my last year. I’m so happy and honored to be in the choir program,” said Senior Madelyne Crews.