High Gas Prices

Keeping gas in automobiles can be challenging for students with trucks.

Tommy Bowers

Keeping gas in automobiles can be challenging for students with trucks.

Students may not be involved in the war, but like most Americans they are feeling the pain at the pump.

Gas prices have been going up rapidly over the past couple weeks around the country. A lot of the prices at gas stations in Chapin are now over $4.00 per gallon. We talked to some Chapin High School students to see how the prices are affecting them. All of these students have dilemmas about the gas being so high. This is especially true to the students who have to pay for their own gas.

Izzy Ross, a senior who drives a Kia Optima, said “my car used to fill up on $35 and now it is like going on $70.” 

“I drive a Hyundai Kona and it used to take about $32 and now it is up to $42. I get 35 miles per gallon,” said senior, Sophie Brasington. She pays for her own gas and works after school. She is still able to get about 400 miles on a tank of gas.

Senior, Garrison Helms drives a minivan and has to fill up. It used to cost him about $30 and now it is $60.

Kollin EchoHawk, a junior,  has a Jeep Commander. Filling up used to cost him  $50 now it is $75 and he uses regular gas. He is able to get about 15 miles per gallon and he just usually drives to Harbison.

Sophia Hobbs, a senior, fills up with for $67 in her car. It is a new car for her. Before she was driving a different car that used 89  grade gas and  now she has to use premium.

“It used to be $45 and now it costs $68 to fill up,” said Mason Levitte, a senior,  who has a Jeep Wrangler.

Marcus Contreras, a senior, drives a Toyota Highlander. He said it usually costs him usually $25 to fill up. And now it costs $55. “I drive a little car now because of gas prices,” he said. For him the Highlander is a smaller car, his previous vehicle was a large truck.